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Communicate with customers through images and documents

Convert any image or document into something customers can text or call with a single tap


Widget offers frictionless communication with your customers

They simple tap on any image or document to text and call you
No phone numbers, no sign-up, no apps
Just tap, text, call

“Widget images allow us to communicate directly with our merchants on a very detailed basis: specific products, features, and promotions. It also allows our merchants to push promotions out to their customers and drive in-store sales. It’s quick, easy, and doesn’t require IT”

Nicole Catechi

Catechi Sales / Dr. Mercola

“I can send listing images anywhere: websites, social, by email or text. Prospective clients just tap on the image and communicate - I know exactly which property has their interest. If the conversation ends, I can text them a day, a week, or a month later, the message thread pops-up with the image, and we can pick up right where we left off”

Shane Cheng

Shane Cheng Realty Group
Burlingame, CA

“Widget allows us to connect prospective customers with the right sales team member in seconds. Embedding Widget in sales docs means customers can tell us their specific product interest with every text or call”

Terell Sterling

Oracle Field Sales Executive (SMB)

Connect with customers on a single product, listing, promotion, service or offer

Widget images and documents go anywhere:
websites, social media, messaging apps, email, blogs, SMS

Always-on push notification:
connect with customers even after the chat window closes

Track customer interaction in real-time with built-in CRM

Seamlessly connect with prospects on any device - simultaneously

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