What is a Mobile Domain?

A Mobile Domain transforms any image into something customers, teams, anyone can text or call with a single tap. You connect through images, documents, subjects. No phone numbers or sign-ups.

How is it different from a web domain?

Mobile Domains are more versatile. Mobile Domains use texting instead of email (higher “open-rate”, response in seconds instead of hours, calling is coming soon). Mobile Domains can be embedded in images and documents, on websites, social media, ad-sites, blogs, emails. They can also be stand-alone.

Where will people see my Mobile Domains?

Anywhere you put it: websites, ad-sites, social media, blogs, emails, SMS, MMS and other messaging platforms: Messenger, WhatsApp, etc. We also have our own search engine see https://www.widget.co - it’s instantaneous.

How do I use Mobile Domains with my sales team?

Easy - just use our Assign feature; find the Mobile Domain of the appropriate sales team member(s) and tap Assign. When a message comes through it will send it to all the assigned members of your team; they can answer individually or collectively (assignees will need to create a personal Mobile Domain).

What if I’m not available when a text or call comes in?

If you’ve not responded in 10-mins, a pop-up indicating to the sender or caller that you’re unavailable and will respond as soon.

Can my Mobile Domain to be private?

Absolutely. Just check the Private when creating your Mobile Domain. In Private mode only you and those you share it with can see it or use it.

Can I send/receive text messages from other devices?

Yup. The Dashboard allows you to send/receive messages through laptops, desktops or tablets and/or your mobile device.

Is an app required for those seeking to text or call me through my Mobile Domain?

Nope. They just tap on the image to Text or Call (Text for now, Calling is coming soon)

Do I need an app to create a Mobile Domain?

Yes. To publish content, you need our App; it offers a Dashboard to track all activity, create multiple Mobile Domains, tools to embed and share. The App provides access to both the web Dashboard works on all devices: laptops, desktops, pads and of course mobile devices.

How do I reserve a Mobile Domain Name?

Just click here: widget.co

Can I have more than one Mobile Domain?



You bet.

A 100?

Of course.

A 1000?

Sure. Some customers have that and more.

If I make edits to a Mobile Domain does it get updated automatically?

Yes. Instantly. However, some domains shared on social media or embedded in websites may require manual updating.

How do I Embed?

Navigate to your Mobile Domain in My Domains, press the embed icon (Clipboard Icon), then paste it onto your site.

How do I Share my Mobile Domains?

Navigate to your Mobile Domain in My Domains, press the share icon (see Share Icon), then select where you want to share it to. If you’re using the App, press the menu icon (ellipsis - the three dots) and select Share.

Can I share on Mobile Domains on any social media site?

We’re in Beta, so currently it’s WhatsApp, FaceBook, Messenger, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and we’re adding more every day.

Can I share my Mobile Domains using email?

Yup. Select Share from the web Dashboard or App, tap the email icon, and send.

Can I share my Mobile Domains using SMS?

Yes. Select Share from the web Dashboard or App, tap the SMS icon, and send.

How do I Assign Mobile Domains?

If you’re using the Dashboard through the web, navigate to My Domains, select the applicable Mobile Domain and tap Assignees; select the team members you want to assign

How do I create a Mobile Domain?

Press the “Create Domain” button located in the navigation bar on Web Browser. “Create Domain” on App is located in the Side Out Menu.


For more help tap the Widget Support Mobile Domain at https://www.widget.co