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Any Image or Document can be Widgetized Apply Widget contextual texting and calling to any image or ducument.
Just Drag, Drop, Distribute.
Tap, Text, Call Customers simply tap to text or call you or your team through the image or document. You know exactly what they're calling about in granular detail: a single product, listing, promotion, service or offer
Distribute Anywhere Widget images or documents can go anywhere: websites, ad-sites, social media, blogs, email, SMS
Limitless There's no limit to the number of Widget images and documents you can create
Embed Embed any Widget image or document into your website in 2 quick clicks
Cut & Paste You can Cut & Paste Widget image or document URLs into anything
Always-on Push Notification Reconnect with customers even after a chat window closes. Send a message and they'll receive a notification along with the message thread. Resume the conversation right where you left off.
Built-in CRM Dashboard Track all customer attraction and messaging in real-time using the Widget Dashboard
Web-to-Web, Mobile-to-Mobile, Mobile-to-Web Connect with customers using mobile or web, any device, simultaneously
Private or Public Widget images or documents can be distributed to the masses or limited to a private group