The first texting and calling through images.
Transform images into communications channels.

Any image. Anywhere.
Web sites, blogs, social media, email, docs, mobile

Wherever an image goes, it becomes a communication channel back to you.

Leads just tap, text, call – know exactly what they want in granular detail. No phone numbers, apps, or forms required.

Reconnect anytime by tapping the image.

Attaches leads and customers to the images and documents they select. Real-time CRM automatically tracks communications with leads and customers. Widget images are assignable to team members.

Online to offline.

Use Widget to embed coupons in images, time-limited personalized offers, promotions activated in-store.

Key Features

  • Fully encrypted and highly secure

  • Intelligent, and searchable

  • Oracle powered

  • Searchable with AI

  • Drag and drop simple

What Customers

  • “Widget images allow us to communicate directly with our merchants on a very detailed basis: specific products, features, and promotions. It also allows our merchants to push promotions out to their customers and drive in-store sales. It’s quick, easy, and doesn’t require IT”
    Nicole Catechi
    Catechi Sales / Dr. Mercola
  • “Prospective clients just tap on the image and communicate - I know exactly which property has their interest. If the conversation ends, I can text them a day, a week, or a month later, the message thread pops-up with the image, and we can pick up right where we left off”
    Shane Cheng
    Realtor, Shane Cheng Realty Group