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Widget offers a clean and simple communication platform to suit a range of purposes from corporate, tech startup, marketing site to digital storefront.

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Everyone gets unlimited Widgeted images right out of the box.

Embed Widget into your website, email, or SMS in 2 quick clicks!

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Features you'll actually use.

Widget was built to support from bootstrap to enterprise. Whether you are selling SaaS or a cherry-red Mustang convertible, Widget has your chat needs covered.

Widgitize Everything

Apply Widget contextual texting and calling to any image or document. Just Drag, Drop, and Distribute.

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SMS Sharing

Everyone gets access to unlimited Widgeted images for you to share with the world and Go!

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Images & Documents

Everyone gets access to unlimited Widgeted images and documents you can create right out of the box. Build contextual texting and calling into anything.

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Know Your Customer

Know exactly what your customer is calling about in granular detail: a single product, listing, promotion, service or offer.

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Goes Anywhere

Widgited images or documents can go anywhere: websites, ad-sites, social media, blogs, email, or SMS.

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Connect with customers using mobile or web, any device, simultaneously all from one location.

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Private or Public

Widgeted images or documents can be distributed to the masses or limited to a private group seamlessly

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Always On Notifications

Reconnect with customers even after a chat window closes.They'll receive a notification along with the message thread right where you left off.

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Built-in CRM Dashboard

Track all customer attraction and messaging in real-time using the Widget Dashboard.

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Embed Everywhere

Embed any Widgeted image or document into your website in 2 quick clicksand start engaging instantly.

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Mailer Integrations

Widget comes with integration for Mail Chimp and Campaign Monitor forms - ideal for modern marketing campaigns

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Tap, Text, Call

Customers simply tap to text or call you or your team through any Widgitized image or document.

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