Widget Help Center

A fully documented resource for developers using Widget in their web projects.


Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by BETA?

It’s a sneak preview of new features for our website and companion iOS and Android apps. More features will be added in the coming weeks.

What’s a Widgetized Image?

Widgetized images (and documents) contain code for texting and calling. Parties communicate through images and documents without phone numbers, sign-ups, or apps. Users just tap the image to text or call and connect directly.

Can I title my Widget image or document?

All Widget images and docs have a title. Widget titles use natural language and can have up to 30 characters (with spaces, cap & lowercase letters). Your Widget title is also searchable through the Widget search engine (Widget images and docs with a Private designation do not appear in Search).

What does the embed feature do?

It embeds any Widget image or doc into your website with full texting and calling. Select My Images in the Widget website Dashboard, then select the embed icon. This will copy your Widget image code onto a clipboard; now you’re ready to embed the image or document into your site.

What is Cut &Paste and how does it work?

Cut & Paste copies the URL of your Widget image or document. You can paste it into most social media feeds, email, blogs, SMS messages - just about anywhere.

Is there a minimum contract term?

No! The beauty of our service is that you can cancel anytime you need to — no questions asked.

How do I create a Widget image?

It’s super easy. Select Create in the navigation bar of the Widget website (or Menu if using iOS / Android app), then follow the guides. Add up to 50 images, descriptions, or links. Share and Distribute options allow you to send your Widget images and docs to websites, social media, blogs or via email or SMS.

Where will people see my Widget images and docs?

Anywhere you send it: websites, ad-sites, social media, blogs, emails, SMS, MMS, and most other messaging platforms. It also appears instantly in the Widget Search engine:  https://www.widget.co/ 

Can I share my Widget image or documents through social media?

Definitely. Share through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Slack, and WhatsApp. More are coming. You can also use the Cut & Paste tool to insert your Widget image or document into most social media feeds.

How do I assign a Widget image or document?

Select Assign from the Dashboard, select the Image or document you wish to assign, pick the profile of the appropriate team member(s), and tap Assign (this requires assignees to create a personal Widget profile). Messages and calls will now be distributed to all the assigned members of your team; they can answer individually or collectively. A record of all interaction through a Widget image or document is posted on the Dashboard.